Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Around the Yard

Didn't Everett do a fine job on the Adirondack furniture?

Scott suggested (after I'd bought the paint) that it would have been wise to choose a colour that would match the house. We haven't picked a colour for the siding yet, so his point was moot.

However, it turns out that the colour looks great with the flowers. Don't you think? And hey, I could do with a purple house.


  1. Your yard is beautiful! I love the chairs! It looks like such a lovely place to relax.

  2. I am so jealous - that is GORGEOUS!

  3. Your yard is beyond beautiful! I would be sitting out there all of the time!

  4. Sigh, looks so beautiful!

    Hubby made me some chairs like that way back, unfortunately they rotted after being left out in the rain too many winters. Thanks for reminding me I want MORE.

    BTW if I had my way we would paint this quaint character house pink with white and black trim. Hubby not going for it.

    Followed you over here via Nance and glad I did :)

  5. What beautiful flowers and I just love, love the color of those chairs!

  6. I have replied to all of you who commented ... via email, not realizing the return address was a noreply address. Whoops! Will know better next time. - Miss Kate


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