Friday, October 2, 2009

Tipi Love - I've Got It

Word is, they took more food than they needed.

And last night was cold, Scott said when he called earlier; the thermometer was reported to have dipped to minus-6F. "I don't think anyone slept through the night," was his pronouncement on the suffering of those who slept in the tipi as well as himself, alone in the van.

At least 500 people attended the release of the blackfooted ferrets, or maybe even 1000, he figured.

I don't know where this tipi is, but the photo was taken by Richard Blaschak. It feeds my tipi love.

[See Mr Blaschak's comment below.]


  1. Hiya Kathy. I read a news story about those ferrets. Apparently, they eat a lot of gophers, which must be good news for those who grow grain. Cool your kid got to see that. Hope he managed to stay warm! I woke up to snow this morning. Missing that nice warm September we had. Diana

  2. Hi, the photograph was made at Cranberry Portage, Manitoba, and was the world's largest the beginning of the summer of it was completely surrounded by smaller tipis...wonderful. I made this image. Richard Baschak

  3. Thanks Richard! It must have been quite something to see.


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