Saturday, May 22, 2010

Found Dog

A truckload of wood mulch awaits my bidding. And my back.

It's been unloaded onto the garden and I planned to start spreading it today. But it's raining. More delay. That's all right. It's never all done and I'm learning to let that be okay. There's no choice anyway.

A young dog wandered into the yard today when the rain began to fall; our adolescent Chloe was growling and snarling from up on the step for some time before I went out to see what was up. Here it was this pup cowering against the building, trying to keep dry.

We've phoned all the neighbours and no one knows where the lost mutt might have come from. We live about six miles from town so if no owner is found, the verdict will be that someone dropped the animal off out here. They say it happens all the time with cats and litters of kittens.

Black with a brown nose and a red collar, and maybe six months old. Anyone?


Family news:
Emil and I ran into Heather in the Co-op store this week and she followed us out here on her way home. Good thing Emil was with me or I would likely have missed her altogether.


  1. Oh, poor pup! I live in a somewhat rural area and we get animals dumped out here all the time. It infuriates me that people don't have the decency to at least take them to a shelter.

  2. I'm happy to report that I knew of pups born this spring to a friend's dog, and my first thought was that it was one of those. And it *was*, fancy that!

  3. Relieved to read the pup is loved and found!

    We are indeed enjoying beautiful weather out our way -- sorry to hear about your rain. But as I am always a few beats behind, I saved my closet-cleaning for this glorious time. Hmmm...


  4. How can people be so heartless with a their pet. Are you keeping it? Hope your weather has cleared and you are outside enjoy your garden.


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