Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Ugly Sisters

I'm on the left, trying not to look my usual frowny-faced self; Karen is in the middle (doesn't she look evil? I'm sure she's up to something); and Joan, the baby, is on her way back to Kelowna.


A phone call from a cousin today shared the sad news that my great-aunt, Irene, died last night of what was probably a massive heart attack. It seems to run in the Engdahl family (that's Dad's mom's side), as this is the way a good many of them have left us: among them Dad's mom, who died suddenly at age 47; her sister, Aunt Ingrid; and the list goes on for some distance. Dad himself came close to having a heart attack in his early fifties; he had an angioplasty in the nick of time, 17 years ago. It's no wonder Mom started urging me to "Get your heart checked" the minute I turned 40.

So there will be another sad family get-together in a week or so. I'm glad I got to see, talk with and hug Aunt Irene just weeks ago, after [her brother] Uncle Walfrid's funeral. Right now I'm mostly feeling for my cousin Mavis, who will be devastated at the loss of her mother. It will be a terrible shock. Auntie Irene was in her early eighties, but she was sharp, spry, and healthy as far as we knew.

I phoned Dad with the news. "The family has lost a comedian," was one remark he made.


  1. I am sorry for your family's loss.

    Also, you and your sisters are hardly ugly. In fact, I'd say you're an unusually good-looking bunch!

  2. I too have the hardest time, trying to smile in photos. What a nice picture of you and your siblings. So sorry to hear of your loss, my sympathies to all.

  3. First of all, you gals are babes! And second, I love the way you pay homage to the people (and pet) you love in these posts. Your pain is clear, but so is your love, respect, and quiet acceptance.

    Sympathies and love, Barbara

  4. Sorry to hear this news, Kathy.


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