Saturday, July 31, 2010

Got Company


Pick the dried flowers, toss them in a flower bed, and they'll grow and reseed themselves every year. The leaves and flower petals are supposed to be helpful against migraines. The friend who gave me the seed said to put a flower under my tongue when a headache threatened.


Shelly's here and we've had sultry days to enjoy lazing about in.


  1. hi there, how are you?
    warm greeting from Indonesia.

    I hope you gain success all the time!

  2. It is also helpful to the soul. It is a beautiful plant. You ladies have fun.

  3. What a pleasure to have sultry and lazing in the same sentence

  4. Have you tried it yet?
    Does it work?

  5. I nibble on some fresh leaves during the summer, but think it requires long-term commitment. Makes horrible tea, unfortunately.


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