Thursday, July 22, 2010

Need Some Dough?

I always show off the bread after it's out of the oven. Never before.
There. Remedied. This was your basic whole wheat before it was baked.

I'm told the deep freezes are getting full of bread and that maybe I shouldn't bake this week. With the boys away, we don't go through a batch every seven days. However, I think of this as an opportunity to get ahead of the game, for it's a certainty that one of my weekly bread-baking days will be a "lazy" day when I won't be able to face sticky countertops, and I'll say To hell with it, even if it means throwing out a cup of sourdough starter. Wasteful, wasteful! I can't stand to be, thus the weekly batch of whole wheat bread, whether we need it or not.

My reply to the above suggestion:
"You cannot have too much homemade bread."


  1. I cannot....cannot...cannot make bread.......I have tried several times and it never works! I however have been successful on making buns on my few (very few according to Kurt) attempts. And I LOVE homemade bread. It's one of my favorite memories from growing up. Mom having a loaf ready for us off the bus. Just the right temp to melt the butter! mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmm

  2. I aim to give my kids the same memory ... always try to time it for the schoolbus ... but no more! We're done with schoolbuses forever.

  3. Leanne -- I can't make buns worth a hoot. Maybe I haven't done it enough. They always turn out ugly. Taste fine, but ...

  4. Oh my looks good. Nothing better than bread fresh from the oven. I've never ventured into bread making but would love to when I find the time.

  5. Nothing is as good as homemade bread. My mother and Grandmother use to make it. They did it to save money, but we thought we were rich. All the other kids had to eat bread from the store.
    I still make homemade bread but not as much as you do.


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