Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rainy Day

My morning coffee spot on the back step.

Today, more thunder, more rain. I've had to have the computer unplugged most of the morning and will have to get caught up later. This afternoon will be spent in town, getting a haircut for my shaggy boy and having the oil in my Mommy-van changed. I've been driving a minivan for at least 10 years; next time I buy a vehicle, it needs to be something different. Though I have to say I still like it: you can sleep in it if you need to; you sit up high; and of course, it's the easiest thing for Emil to get in and out of.

Everett and I picked him up from Camp Easter Seal on Sunday morning. As always, he was in no hurry to leave. He had to say goodbye and hug each of his counsellors a good number of times. That's them, above. Adorable gals, every one; you can see why he loves the place.

And always, after I've dropped him off and am leaving alone, I'm reminded that he is one of the lucky ones. Most of the kids who spend a week there are living with much more severe handicaps; Emil at least can walk, talk, and feed himself.

I've mentioned that he's moving into one of the group homes in town on Sept. 1st, haven't I? We're excited about it, all of us. But I think I'm repeating myself so I'll say no more for now.


Emil recently turned 22, and I've given up insisting that he shave. He's never liked shaving, or been any good at it. So now he's got a scruffy beard. I don't like it, but it's not my face.


  1. Repeat yourself all you want. This is an exciting and sad time for you and for him.

  2. I think Emil looks just fine with his beard. He's a very good looking young man and I'm very pleased to 'meet' him!

    I love your morning coffee chair!

  3. Its going to be an adjustment for both of you. I'm a little sad that my house will be empty again in a few weeks. Such is life, the birds have to fly.

  4. It will be a wonderful adventure for him - I hope he likes group living and that the people in his house are all fun and nice.
    And I like the scruffy beard.


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