Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back in Time

Emil at Bug World at the Provincial Museum in Edmonton, 1997

From my handwritten journal Oct15, 7:30 a.m., 1997:
Just listening to the kitchen chair scrape the floor for one full minute as Emil struggles to situate it perfectly so he can get into it. Positioning himself in a chair is something he has to work at, not like the rest of us, who manoeuvre without thinking.
It’s an everyday, every-meal occurrence around here. My little boy works to do things for himself, he doesn’t complain, he rarely asks for help. He takes his time, eating, washing, dressing.
I wish life could be easier for him, that he didn’t have to work so damn hard at every little thing.


  1. I just love photos like this. I remember my son at this age and the fine, tender outline of his face. Aren't they beautiful at this age. It's heartbreaking though, that he had/has to go through this...although, I see you've brought him up just fine.

    Does he still want to come home or is he working things out?
    (Kate from NY)

  2. That's a great pic from 1997! What a sweetie. And an honest and tender post--beautiful.

  3. You raised a very strong and independent person. You done good girl...

  4. God, he was a cute kid......

  5. I love a kid who works hard and never gives up. Emil is glorious!
    xo B


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