Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Finger

How drivers in rural Saskatchewan acknowledge each other when they meet on the road.

Usually it’s men who do this (I think); I’m the only woman I know who does. Speak up, gals, if you do it too. Figure I must have picked this up from Dad.

Do drivers do this where you live? And if not, is there another signal they use?


Grandma enjoyed her drive, and we dined at Scott's grandma's, and then Emil started coughing and ended up horking up his meal, and almost causing me to lose mine, since I have no stomach for hearing the heaves or cleaning up the mess. It must have been quite unpleasant to listen to us both gagging. Strangely, no one offered to help! Heh.

He's fine. Musta had some post-nasal drip or just caught some cookie in the wrong tube. Sounds like he's considering coming home for the long weekend. Maybe. Oy, you'd think he couldn't wait to get out of here or something.

Stopped in to see Cara's new place (Cara's my niece) and admire it and her two adorable children. Oh, and her fella Chris of course. They've bought this house in Kelvington so will be able to put down some roots to raise their kids.

Warm starry night. Gorgeous. I might just go outside and admire the sky for a while too.


  1. You have wonderful communication system up there in BC.Down here five miles from
    DC, in Maryland, we don't look at one another except for the periodic raised third finger of
    left hand to scream "MORON." So bless British
    Columbia. You may have to take over soon.
    love, claire

  2. I don't know what they do in BC. We live in Saskatchewan! Although they may well greet each other the same way there -- I mean the friendly finger, not the F.U. one.
    Out here people don't usually give other drivers the finger. It might be your future mother-in-law you're flipping off, and that would never be in your own best interest. People are generally pretty courteous to each other in public because we're northern hillbillies -- if we're not closely related, we're distantly related, related through marriage, or something. Almost always. Small population.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE FINGER. In Toronto, we do the finger it's just that it's a different one sadly. I so hear you as I am Queen of the GAGGERS. Again, sadly.

  4. Interesting and nice gesture. We don't have that finger here, just the other. Poor you and the gagging. Same thing happened to me a few weeks back with DH, he found a bone in his fish and almost lost it. Usually these things don't bother me but for some reason I had to hold it together. Sounds like you had a busy weekend.

  5. How did you make it look so friendly?

  6. James does the finger... I have started.. just as of late... being from the great city of Regina..... I was used to seeing more the middle finger as well...must be more a city thing that middle finger. Here, I am happy to see the friendly finger waggles.
    As for the horking... I too am of weak stomach and would have been in the same boat as you. And no, it is not different when it is your own kid.. Just for the record!! LOL

  7. Oh yeah I do the same little finger wave as you do. When I meet you on the road let's acknowledge each other in just that friendly but detached way!

  8. Nope Kathy, you're not the only one who does the finger.. I do too.... must just be a habit from growing up in the prairies.

  9. Well, I've also been known to use the finger wave way over here in Nut Mountain. Sometimes I just nod. Funny thing is that I can't seem to keep up with what vehicle folks are driving--so lately, people mostly get nothin' simply because I don't recognize them! If you are driving the same old vehicle, I'm much more inclined to wave! (God, I'm sounding old..... )

  10. Three fingers in nothern sweden means:
    WATCH UP police control

  11. Here in Texas we do a sort of nod and/or wave. In Chicago, we used a very different finger than yours to acknowledge all kinds of things. :P


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