Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Morning Would...Be Winter

Through the kitchen window
Yesterday's rain turned into blowing snow before I hit the hay last night, and shows no sign of letting up. It'll be a cosy indoor day for some of us. I'll be working here at the computer, and Everett will make bagels. Scott's gone off to do something he shouldn't instead of something he should (heh! that's my opinion) and Emil, who called last night and said he'd walked to his job in the rain yesterday because the handi-van is broken down, will have walked the block this morning through the snow without winter boots on and is probably sitting at his work station with wet shoes right this moment.

This will melt, I'm sure. Although I do remember Halloweens in my teen years when the ditches were full of snow that wasn't going anywhere. I remember because I slogged through snow up to my thighs to escape an irate homeowner whose house we'd just toilet-papered. He thought we'd done worse, but hadn't stopped to find out before starting his chase. He didn't catch us, either. (For those from Margo: It was Elmer who ran hollering after Kim and I, not knowing who he was after: "You rotten little bastards!"); we'd also taped photos of naked women, torn from magazines, onto his and Grandpa's windows. Oh we were evil tricksters. No soap for we two!)


  1. I didn't have to run through snow, just through hedges. Hehehe those were the days.
    Down here our high is 94 degrees F (32 C). I wish I was at your house today. Make yourself a cup of hot tea and toast the snow for me.

  2. It will only go "down" to 70 degrees Fahrenheit tonight. And it's almost November!

  3. We haven't seen snow yet, but we are expecting to see the stormy weather later tonight. Deep breath. Lots of hot chocolate. I've got hold of some spicy mexicanish hot chocolate, and love having a cup when I start feeling cold.

  4. Snow, my God. I turned on heat today because it
    rained and temp down in sixties. Wow.

    Watched a Rachael Maddox program tonight from Alaska. Amazing the differences that geography makes. Amazing that the USA has held together when we have such different norm.

    I lived in North Dakota from age 4 to six and I
    vaguely remember. Wonder how it affected me. I know it did make me like seasons instead of bland
    seque from one mile season into another.
    Today got third pre-op in a month.So far no
    surgery. Insane. I'll be X-=rayed to death and
    have all blood taken. We're at the moment figting a big, bad huge kidney stone. Whoooooooo@
    Enjoy your snow. I love it . Claire

  5. Sheesh, you guys! It's blizzarding here. Almost scary.

  6. I was listening to the National last night and thought of you when they talked about the storm. Poor you. Keep warm, it will be our turn before you know it.


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