Friday, November 26, 2010

Spider Senses Tingling

Scott makes flashing in the 25-below

Jesus Christ! A spider just dropped from the ceiling onto my keyboard and when I squeaked, it went under the keys! And there it remains. I’m a little nervous as I type, but have jar and cardboard ready to catch and release.


  1. Does anybody really need to make flashing @ -25?
    My hands would be so cold I would cut off a finger and not know it.

  2. I am not a brave person but for some reason spiders don't bother me. We have an 8-inch bronze one in the corner of our second bedroom.

  3. That spider's the weaver of words...she's done you an honour by visiting. Heh. I try and tell myself that when I'm surprised by one...

    People keep working here even in our -30C temps in the Cariboo...I was amazed when I moved here. But I've discovered I've even grown accustomed to those extreme temps. I never dreamt that could happen, heh!


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