Sunday, November 14, 2010

Winter Here to Stay

Through the living room window

It's lovely out there: still, trees covered in hoarfrost, quiet.
Or was. Scott's brought the little tractor up and is moving snow away from the house.


I decided to get out of the house.
Pretty foggy looking north from the end of our driveway.

But it made for a magical walk.
There were half a dozen cattle around our yard this summer. Today they got moved across the road.

The ditches are seriously full of water. I could probably ice-skate on them for a mile. Most summers these ditches are all grass.
Looking back down the driveway.


Here's how things looked a year ago: click here.


  1. It looks like a winter wonderland! We have a few inches of the white stuff,as well, with really cold temps in the forecast. So far, I'm still loving it, heh!

    At least your kids will not have to dig up speedwells!! Although shovelling snow might bring on the 'why me' as well!

  2. Wow. You do make it (snow) look lovely and inviting...
    The Middle Ages

  3. Hi Stumblejumper...Peabea here from PNN. Nice site...I will follow. No snow yet here in Ohio...seems to get later each year, which no problem with me, but I'd rather have the snow than the freezing rain we get more of. Visit me if you like...I'm at here on blogger. ~hugs~ and have a great week. I'll be back.

  4. What can I say... Your landscape over there looks so different from ours... Seems to be huge areas if you ask me!
    Winter is lovely! Right now we got about minus twenty degrees celsius and 30 cm snow!

  5. I see winter has set in for you. I keep hearing on the news about all the storms out West and keep counting my blessings that its held off from here so far. But you know one of these days it will be our turn too. Keep warm.


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