Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Sound of Music

Our little sweetheart snuggles in with Scott in the evenings

And here is a little something for Emma, whom I call our "triple threat" as she not only acts and sings but is a budding playwright as well, all at age 12 or so (I can never remember your age, my little dear!). For my friends who know her, Emma is Cathy R's daughter.

Click here to see a flash mob performance (to the tune of "Do-Re-Mi" from The Sound of Music) in a train station in Belgium.

Can anyone advise me whether there is something I can do so that certain embedded files don't bleed over into the right-hand column? Some do, some don't. The flash mob performance does, so I've removed the embedded file and replaced it with a link.


  1. That video is just fantastic. Sorry, I have to nab it!

  2. Please do! Spread it around. Doesn't it make you feel good, sing, and dance in your chair? Gets ME every time. The movie The Sound of Music is still broadcast every year on Christmas Day here and actually seeing it in a theatre is one of my earliest Christmas memories.

  3. I love those flash mob things---it's my ambition to have someone ask me to learn one.

  4. I'm trying to figure out how to change the size too. If I figure it out I'll let you know.
    PS love the video.

  5. I too like these flash mob things. Maybe one day I will catch one in person. Enjoy your snuggles.

  6. Thanks visiting my blob and you tree story, and holy cats I love the wee little doggy here!


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