Monday, December 6, 2010

Sad Anniversary of the Polytechnique Massacre

"I realized many years later that in my life and actions, of course I was a feminist. I was a woman studying engineering and I held my head up." - Nathalie Provost, one of the women wounded in the shooting

Read We Are Not Feminists.


  1. I remember that startling quote. It made me think more deeply about the comments on feminism and humanism on this post lately. I'm glad that she held her head high---and for a cause.

  2. Those who have made "feminist" synonymous with "women who hate men, don't want children, don't care about having happy homes and families," etc., have managed to divide women by making many afraid to identify themselves with a word that means "one who believes women should be entitled to the same rights, opportunities and benefits as men." It's not about trying to get more for women than men have; it's not about women trying to be more like men and less like women; it's not about trying to create an uneven playing field for the sexes, but instead to even it out.
    "Divide and conquer" -- it works, and it's always worked, and it's still working, even in North America's so-called enlightened society. I don't blame a lot of women for wanting to distance themselves from the fight; no woman wants to be thought of as "not a 'real' woman" and all that malarkey.

  3. Moment of silence.

    And I am a proud feminist.


  4. I can't believe its already 21 years. What a sad day.


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