Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Slowly but Surely

Kitchen Before

Scott knocked out a wall so we'd have more space around the table, put in new windows and a new exterior door, chopped off a corner cupboard that jutted into the room, removed cupboard doors so the old wood could be painted (my aunt Rose did that), re-boarded the ceiling and painted it and the walls, and changed the light fixtures.

The windows face north so we needed to get as much light as possible.

Kitchen Now

It's a small kitchen but comfortable enough. Does the trick. There are still things to do, but none of them seem urgent although shelving without doors quickly becomes — well, late's face it: filthy — and so their open charm has worn off.

This afternoon Everett took curtain rods and curtains down from the other house; I hope to make use of some of them over here.

Reta, the plug-in has been wired for a few months so I've asked Scott several times to mount the under-the-cupboard CD-player you gave me. (Note to self: Must.Nag.Harder.) I think he said he needs some particular tool to do it with. As if I buy that one, Mr Has-Every-Tool-Known-to-Mankind.

More likely I'll just do it myself one of these days. But it will be all wrong and fall down. Kind of like when I hang pictures; they never end up where I intend, no matter how carefully I eyeball and measure. It's a crapshoot. He will be sorry!



  1. I like the look of your cupboards, but know what you mean about getting dirty. Even with doors on my cabinets the grease from cooking seeps in. Especially the cabinet above the stove. I don't go in there much but when I want to pull a bowl down, it always has to be washed because of the fine layer of 'whatever'...probably bacon grease that seems to permeate everything.
    Kate (from NY)

  2. Scott is a talented man. Too bad you two live so far away from me, because my kitchen is in great need of a re-model. What if I take up a collection, pay for round-trip airfare, and feed you both plenty of pasta?

  3. Kate, it's the same here for items that aren't used much. Extra washing.
    Anthony, you would have to get yourself on Scott's "to-do list" in which case you *might* see us in about a year or maybe two or more and then only if you promised him meat 'n' potatoes instead of pasta! He gets more of that, around here, than he prefers. (I did not think it was possible to overdose on pasta!) And he'd have to get rid of a hundred cattle or something so he could leave. I like to believe he's working on that ... and someday will have evenings and weekends free -- FREE, I tell you! To do MY bidding! Bwa ha ha ha .....

  4. I love the look of open cupboards, but in our small place, it would be like looking at still-life TV.

    Nice job!

  5. The kitchen is lovely. I am so relieved to know I'm not the only person with insidious muck creeping into cabinets around the stove. I thought it was just another character defect. HAH!

    I ordered and got some Tarot cards and book. Turns out I got a deck I don't resonate with at all. The instruction manual is good. (I still want to be on list for reading.) But I want to learn to do it myself with some sense of understanding.
    I have a great feeling that my life needs to go even further in. Writing takes it in, working
    as therapist takes it in (sometimes), but I still
    feel there are tons of resources in me/mysteries I want to get to/feel/explore.
    I pulled four cards. (I can't spell worth a damn). Three were pentrecles and the lovers. The five of P. was the one I really reacted to/specifically re my health issues and mobility getting to and from doctors. So this whole going inward is important for me for health as well as interest and growth.
    I'm watching a rented movie, Yentl, so glad we live in an age where women can do whatever men do Lord, three hundred years ago I would be burned as
    witch for sure.

    Again, love your kitchen. I too would like a visit from SCOTT MAGIC CARPENTER. But the fee is way out of my league. I think we will move to another place in the not too distant future and then I can get some of the things I want. One being a kitchen with a window. Hell, it can face
    in any direction as long as I can see the sun, moon, and stars when I turn the lights off.
    love, Claire one of your anonymous friends

  6. Perhaps I could greydog you the tool he needs. I'm sure John must have it, whatever it is!

  7. Lovely! It's warm and cozy without being closed in feeling. Happy for you!

  8. We also wish for a bigger kitchen. Marit thinks we should remove the wall between the kitchen and our bedroom in order to get a kitchen of 40 square meters
    Her wish is put on our "what to do when we got money and time" list.
    She loves spending her time in the kitchen with pot and pans, and I have to spend my time with lifting heybales and other hard work otherwise I get to fat (-:

  9. "(Note to self: Must.Nag.Harder.)"...Mind if I use this note for myself? I get the statement... I need another tool for that project, and they have one on sale at the hardware store...as well. I'm never quite sure why the few tools I brought into this relationship, which stood by me well for years and did everything suddenly are not the right kind of tools for anything!!

    And then, I'm reminded I'm not a journeyman carpenter and most of my projects fell off the wall or something like that. And he's right.

    I love the view you have out of those lovely windows. Happy New Year, Kate!

  10. All of that sounds so familiar. A few years back I wanted to put some lights in my wall unit. Gord procrastinated long enough for me to take matters into my own hands. I needed a drill and a saw. None of which were available to me the day I decided to put the lights in. I went to Canadian Tire and bought a drill and a small electric saw. I sawed and drilled (eyeballing) it all because of course measuring takes time. Fortunately they were corded lights so I didn't have to do any electrical. I got all three in, tightened them up and found that two of them were not exactly centre. So I put a vase in front of them...nobody was the wiser. Then I took the drill and saw back to Canadian Tire. Done like dinner!

  11. Scott is a *real* carpenter/handyman and when he does something around the house, it is done right. But of course, we all know the story of the shoemaker's children's shoes ... the last thing he feels like doing in his down time is more of the same thing he's done all day, all week, etc ... so these little things come last, if at all.
    And if I do it or were to get someone else to, he would never think it was done right and I'd never hear the end of it. However, I've come to the point where I'm prepared to live with imperfection and have very little patience for those who don't. If he doesn't soon get around to doing some of these small things, he will just have to put up with what gets done without him and keep quiet about it. If the curtains are crooked, so what? As long as they keep the sunlight off the tv screen.
    Now, where are those nails? I've got my great-aunt Jean's little-lady hammer, and I want to hang a beaded curtain I've been waiting to use for several years. It's okay to pound nails into the door casing, right? HA!!


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