Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ancient Cambodia

My friend Cathy is travelling for several months in Asia and at present is seeing the sights with her brother. He is blogging, so go have a look-see.

Here it is:
click here.


At our house, I've just washed dishes and put a cabbage casserole into the oven for supper. Everett is drying the last of the dishes, and Scott is trimming Emil's beard and mustache. I spent the morning writing letters and need to get busy at an extra project I'm helping with at work. And ... it's time for tea and birdwatching and a walk and the tibetan rites and ... probably a long list of things I "should" do and likely won't ....

On the agenda for tonight is the movie Dinner with Shmucks. Everett plans to make popcorn; if I'm on the ball I'll spend an hour on my quilt while in front of the TV. But I'm not on the ball. Sorry; I've given up on that ideal and am just glad to still be breathing, healthy, warm, clean and happy. I'll never be Superwoman.


And you?
What are you busy at?
"Curious minds want to know."


  1. Just waiting on a turkey dinner, compliments of Attila.

    Have a great evening Kate.

  2. I'm cleaning out a desk. It's both grueling and invigorating. It was easy to get rid of the obvious junk, but now I'm dealing with the iffy stuff and my pace has slowed. But still, the desk is much more usable now, and there's a whole EMPTY drawer.

    How cool, too, to unearth cards, letters, and postcards from a friend and an aunt who passed away. When I read them, they are here.

    It's a little bit like an archaeological dig.

    But tonight, maybe I, too, sink into a chair and take in a movie. And following your lead, there may be popcorn.


  3. Loved Dinner for Schmucks! How cool is that Asia trip?

  4. I'm not busy anymore, but had friends over for dinner: good music, good food, good talk.

    It took us all day to get ready to make dinner---I have to get better at this cooking thing.

  5. I am sitting at the computer trying to pretend I don't have a slight hangover ... after all I'm not a kid anymore. Had a great time at my nieces engagement party last night!

  6. Suffering through Monday at my desk, cursing Mother Nature for a lousy weekend of snow snow and more snow. Mmmmm cabbage casserole, do you have recipe to share? I was somewhat disappointed with Dinner for Schmucks, maybe I heard too much about it before seeing it. Hope you liked it.

  7. I was a little bored by the movie, must say, though it had a few funny moments.
    And will get the recipe typed up for you.

  8. I'm watching the ice on my ponds melt. It had a pretty good day today. It hit 5 C.


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