Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And the chime, it is a-changin' ...

Only one collision since the chime went up; and no casualties.

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Haven’t worked much yet today. Neckache slowed me down to fuzzy heaviness, took pill and laid down, still not pushing myself. It’s okay, I have all day and the evening, don’t have to apply pressure.
Sun shining, lovely in the house, Everett baking oatmeal bread (I've got the butter dish out in anticipation), radio on throughout the morning: Liz Taylor died, Saskatchewan budget announced, Libyan fighting, Japanese disaster.

no sooner did I give the chime report, then a bird slammed into the window *directly behind* the damn thing and left a smear of feathers on the glass. it wasn't on the snow anymore when everett went out, thank goodness. so: the chime has helped, but hasn't stopped all the craziness.


  1. Kate, thanks for the chime report, birds fly into our windows in the summer, we'll give the chime a try.

  2. Oh the poor wee bird. the chime is a great idea. maybe the bird saw it but was trying to end it all.

  3. LOL
    That's it!
    Or he was showing off, doing something daring for his potential mate. "Hey, watch this back flip off the —!"


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