Monday, May 2, 2011


Cambodia - wants to buy two dairy cows

This is the lady I lent $25 to this morning.

My first Kiva loan of $25 went to this fellow, who paid it back in small increments— around $2 per month:
Paraguay - added onto his bakery

After he paid back the $25, I re-lent it to this lady:

Peru - makes and sells rope

From now on I'm going to make a $25 loan on the first day of each month.
Check out Kiva; it's an interesting way to give people a hand up instead of a hand-out.


  1. Kate, that hit me like a challenge. And I'm going to pick it up. That's so easy and so meaningful. thanks.

  2. This is friggin' brilliant. I've never heard of this before and I love it! Thanks, K.

  3. Hi I always read your blog on my way to Joanne's. KIVA is a great organization. I made my first two loans several years ago and as each is repaid I convert the money into another loan. Your post made me thing about making loans more often too. I decided to make a loan on each of my 5 grandchildrens birthday. Today is the first birthday so I'm off to make a loan. Check into KIVA everyone, it feels great to help somebody in a small way that enables them to support their families.

  4. That's an excellent idea, Dawn, and I bet your grandchildren will be interested in the "story" of each person your loan (thus they themselves) is helping to fund.

    Isn't it brilliant, Barb? I agree.

  5. OH MY GOSH!
    This is fabulous!


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