Monday, July 4, 2011

Inside, Outside

Inside: columbine

Outside: gazania

Inside, outside, in again, and back out. Then in. Then out once more. That will be me many times over, since the day is fine and I am no longer "working" at my computer. Only playing!
I'm wearing skimpy clothes and might even just let my skin turn a little brown.
But now, to take over all Everett's jobs ... off I go to give the creatures their breakfast and see if I can find the B batch in the barn.


  1. Love the flowers Kate, and the sculpture behind the columbine, who did that?
    Enjoy the freedom!

  2. Wearing skimpy clothes? Getting brown? Pretty sassy!

  3. Love your flowers~ they are beautiful! (sorry no pics of the weekend except a few of the parade) Did you find the B batch? Did you manage a little tan? :)

  4. Maggie, the lady (I love her) is made of brass and was given to me, when I admired her, by my former brother-in-law. She appears to be missing something like a stick, which would have been held in her free hand, and maybe carried a couple pails on each end. Guessing, there.

    It actually was colder yesterday than I thought, Cindy (Yarn Devil). I wore skimpy clothes when I walked but took along a long-sleeved corduroy shirt, and wore it, too! The wind was cold. My legs remain white but I do brown quickly ... one of these days I'll get a little colour, but I do try to be sensible about it. Not like when I was in my twenties, and a sun worshipper.

    Never did make it as far as the barn, and I see B Batch's mother must be in heat, as one of her boyfriends has been stalking her the past few days. By the way, perhaps you need some lamb's ears around your house?

  5. Sent E-mail, but no thanks with ground: "invaders" have problem too get rid of! Julia/blue bird:)


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