Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jacks of All Trades

Above, Nathan Phillips Square in downtown Toronto is filled with chalk messages in memory of Jack Layton, a man who died too soon.

Below, Jack Duckworth, longtime native of Coronation Street, leaves this mortal coil via a slow waltz with the spirit of his late wife Vera.


  1. I got out of watching Coronation Street for some reason---can't imagine what it could have been, but it was probably a mistake.

  2. The show still makes me shriek with laughter, Lorna, so yes, I'd have to say you're missing something.

  3. The Nathan Phillips Square tribute absolutely blew me away. Amazing grace.

  4. I love Coronation Street! I do have a slight problem with the accents...have to ask Graham, who is from the UK, what was just said,sometimes, heh,heh!

    Nathan Phillips Square was unbelievable, awesome and so heart-warming. He will be missed. xx

  5. Best death scene ever!


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