Saturday, September 17, 2011

What's Good for the Goose

From now till June I'll have to buy all my fresh flowers from the store. Loved 'em while they lasted.

Yesterday was Scott's 52nd birthday and I was not prepared. I had no fancy supper or outing planned, no gift purchased, no card, no cake. It had actually slipped my mind for a couple days till Emil said, when he phoned Thursday night to tell me he wanted to come out to the farm this weekend, that he'd bought Scott a birthday card that plays music.

I was feeling a little guilty and trying to rouse myself into doing something special (even if that only meant wearing something sexy!), until it occurred to me to pull out a journal and see how far out of his way Scott had gone on my last birthday. It was a good idea, because I found that he'd handed me a card with $50 in it. There had been no fancy supper, no cake — he hadn't even worn anything sexy.

So I let myself off the hook. I wrote a cheque for $50, stuck it in with Emil's card, added my name, and voila! Birthday taken care of.


  1. didn't know how to ID my comment other than A Nony Mous - Lorraine

  2. Lorraine,
    Right above the option to sign yourself Anonymous is the option of filling in Name/Url. The url isn't necessary but this is where to fill in your name if you choose. Good to hear from you! - K.

  3. Now, that's a good reason for keeping a journal!

  4. It comes in pretty handy when I have an actual "date" to look for, yeah! Otherwise ... it's not so easy to find anything in particular.

  5. Perfect! I love receiving money as a gift...and I rarely have a cake, either. A special dinner, maybe...xx


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