Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blondi Shows You Her Twits

After the walk

Over at the Stubblejumpers Café webpage, you will find my twitter feed displayed. I've decided Blondi Blathers should make use of it to add to the page's content, because it is a handy tool for passing on interesting and useful links. And fun links. I signed up for Twitter a long time ago because of my job; it is a way of getting the word out and communicating with existing and potential readers, among other things, and that's important. But it wasn't until I started "following" comedian Ricky Gervais that I got hooked. He has been tweeting often and consistently and he is smart and funny.

Me, I'm only funny looking.


  1. Hey, good lookin'! You look great! You should see what I look like after some of my walks, hahaha!

    I'm not sure how to use twitter, although I signed up ages ago. Following Ricky Gervais would be hilarious, though! And I'll bet there are more comedians out've inspired me to look!

  2. I got really hooked on twitter during the election. A friend of mine got hooked during the Olympics. It can be great! It's all in who you follow

  3. Yep, except I find it too time-consuming if I follow too many who are prolific. Plus, I have a twitter feed for work - which has already been helpful in giving me a headsup on stuff going on in my subject areas - but again, there's a lot of scrolling past stuff I'm not really interested in. More skimming, I guess!


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