Monday, November 28, 2011

Care of Cast Iron

Seasoning the cast-iron pan after each use, as per instructions. It's working; easy to clean, now.

I had tried this once before, seasoning the pan for several hours, but just one time, and when afterwards it was as tough as ever to clean, I deduced that nothing but a scratch pad, soap and elbow grease would do the trick.

At Chef Joanne's a few weeks ago I noticed her seasoning her pan and took mental notes, the main difference being that she does it after each use. In my case this can mean more than once a day sometimes! But I've stuck to it anyway, and now the pan just takes a quick scrub.

She set her burner to #2; my eyes react to the oil in the air at that temperature, so I've turned the stove down and will let the pan sit a little longer; hope that works as well.


  1. Can you explain in more detail?
    So you cook with it
    Wash it
    Rub it with oil (what kind) and set it on low?

    I've destroyed so many of those pans by not looking after them properly....

  2. Cook with it.
    Wash it with water, no soap.
    Wipe in a tablespoon or so of any oil -- canola, veggie, even olive would be okay (but expensive if you use your pans as often as we do in my house).
    Set on a low heat for a half hour or longer. Give the pan a wipe with paper towel every once in a while to spread the oil and keep the surface moistened.
    Wipe the pan out with a paper towel after it cools down.


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