Monday, November 7, 2011

Election Day in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan flag

I'll get to town later to cast my ballot. I'm working at my desk, while three-bean-chili simmers in the slowcooker. Kurt is out in the garden, digging up rosebushes, purple coneflowers and a plume poppy after shoveling snow away. It's a pleasant day for being outside if you keep your ears covered. I managed to walk to the corner and back at noon but not without my trusty ski pants. They have been moved from the closet to a hook in the porch. It's time.


  1. Darn its cold out West! Please don't send it this way. Good luck with the vote.

  2. That was some election! 60% ! Wow!

  3. good god, yeah. no surprise. look up "saskatchewan blogs" someday; you'll find a whopping huge percentage of them are talking provincial and/or federal politics. a lot of right-wing nutbars out here, what can i say???


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