Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Week in Pictures

I opened a bottle of wine earlier in the week. Had two glasses so far. Managed to squeeze this in next to my computer.

One day I tried a new recipe: "hearty oatmeal rolls." Being the gal I am,  I made a few substitutions. We can blame the size of these puppies on the fact that I used whole wheat flour instead of white. Pathetic, aren't they? I'm going to try again though, because they tasted great. Will make them twice the size next time. Still, I gave these to the cats this morning. Never could make 'em all the same size; same with a batch of bread.  

Scott has a very bad cold; he barely has the energy to make himself a cup of tea. However, the basement must be ready for plumbing-in (or somesuch) the septic tank on Tuesday, so he's down there wielding a jackhammer. I've called in reinforcements; we'll see who shows up before he collapses. 

The sun's shining and there is no wind, so I went for a half-hour walk today and filled all five birdfeeders when I returned. It may be 20-below, but without wind that doesn't seem cold to me anymore. After all, I wear ski pants. :p

Wherever I go, my faithful companion Ducky is not far behind. Little sweetheart. 

Emil is here for the weekend. He is going to play cards with me whether he likes it or not. 


  1. great kaleidoscope of your week. Not all roses, but not all bad.

  2. Scott should take zinc in pill form. I've been taking one a day and not had a cold just a bit of a sniffle. It really works.

  3. Nice idea!
    Also, love the green walls.

  4. Thank you. Some people I asked for ideas thought that green was not adventurous enough and that it is an old-lady colour. I'm not too adventurous and I'm happy if I get to be an old lady, so I don't see the problem! I guess it is not "trendy." But mostly I love the way the green is so restful and yet not dark ... it's a colour I can relax with, yet be energized at the same time.


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