Monday, July 30, 2012

Walkin with Ms Kate

Everett came with me for an evening walk last night and had the camera in his pocket. In the clouds I saw a big bad wolf doing a one-armed pushup.

The large flower bed in our front yard when I went out in my housecoat this morning:

Note the use to which I am putting two garage-sale 10-cent bargains. I can't bear to throw away a flower with a broken stem, so I used copper wire to hang these funny little vases in the oak trees:


  1. I tried to see it, I really did. Enjoyed your walk anyway. I love walking!!!!

  2. You searched the sky in vain, Carol, because the shape doesn't appear in the video. Tsk! We are video amateurs around here. I love walking too, especially when there's no traffic, houses, or other people! Except the odd time I'm lucky enough to have a companion walk with me.


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