Saturday, September 1, 2012


My friend Skip-to-my-Lu is on her way from Flin Flon, and I expect her little red wagon (she drives a bright red truck) to pull into my driveway in a couple hours. I've just gotten out of bed (11 a.m.), having been up before 7, drank a cup of coffee, faced the fact that my "cloudy" neck (as Virginia Woolf might have described the early symptoms of a migraine) wasn't going away on its own, downed a Gravol and an anti-inflammatory, and gone back to sleep.

I smacked what I assumed was a mosquito on my upper back last night, and got stung. While at Shelly's a wasp stung my shin when I unknowingly disturbed its nest, and the area swelled up, as did my ankle, and stayed that way for about three days. Last night I came into the house and took an antihistamine right away, in hopes that the same wouldn't happen to my hand.  It hasn't so far but I must remember not to scratch the spot, which seems to be what started the swelling last time.

And now ... with a freshly brewed coffee in one hand, deadheading clippers in the other, and my fluffy bright green housecoat on my back, I am going to the front yard to commune with the flowers. And will practise not smacking any insects unless I can see them and know for sure what they are.

Aunt Reta, I got your message and will give you a shout after my company has left, tomorrow or Monday.


  1. Darned old migraines ... had one yesterday that ruined my whole day. Where do they come from? Oh right no answer to that.

    I hope yours went away, never to return. Have fun puttering around in your garden, enjoying your coffee. Oh how I miss being able to do that.

    Enjoy your friend's visit and the long weekend.

  2. a fluffy green housecoat? perfect for the garden!


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