Sunday, December 2, 2012

Well Well Well

Coffee was set on my bedside table at 7 a.m. with an announcement: "They'll be here at 8 to drill the new well." There was time to lie there in the quiet dark for an hour, texting back and forth with Shelly, Miss Early Riser If Ever There Was One.

Sure enough, by 8 o'clock this thing was parked outside the bedroom window:

Where it sat, running, for at least an hour before a guy brought out a torch and started thawing a spot to drill:

After a while, a couple more guys appeared and suddenly the question of what to make for lunch became a bigger challenge:

I only had 1 package of ground beef thawed, and we have no microwave, so what was it going to be? I decided on Cabbage Roll Casserole. It's in the oven now and won't be ready till half-past 12, and this is where they are at:

Fortunately my nephew Marc's lovely new wife sent Emil and me home from her restaurant last night with a plate of home baking, so at least I don't have to worry about coming up with dessert:
Thanks Michelle!


  1. New well? Cha-ching! Did your old well dry up? How long did it take to get someone to come drill one? Oh man, I hope that isn't as painful as I think it would be.

    The baking looks great as does any baking I don't have to do myself.

  2. Probably will cost upward of $10,000. One of the many reasons why hubby works all the time I guess. He waters livestock here in summer so we may get a grant that will reimburse for half. The existing well is still wet, but contaminated with e coli so we don't drink it, or brush our teeth with it, or cook with it; I do dishes with it but make sure they are good and dry before re-using them.
    The well's water is very high in iron and sulphur -- so it literally stinks when you run a bath, and my friend tells me my clothing smells of it -- and it will wreck a water softener or treatment system (more thousands of dollars we have yet to spend) in short order, and turns light-coloured clothing brown. A brand new white dishcloth will be dirty-looking brown within a few days.
    Our neighbours have a shallower well with good water, no iron ... so Scott thought it worth a try.
    We've been living with this for the past couple years; the water in this area is almost always very high in iron. Most of us grew up with it.

  3. Another astonishing event passed off as an every day occurrence! Even the cookies look astonishing.

  4. Wow, you guys are well into winter!

    You called my attention on Wisewebwoman's blog to the Joni Mitchell song Magdalene Laundries - thanks, I'm, listening to it now.

  5. I read today that we've already got more snow than we had in all of last winter.


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