Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blue Heron in Tree

Blue heron on left, redtailed hawk on right
A great blue heron in a tree seems just plain "clumsy" (Scott's word); I find it strange too. But they do nest in trees, after all.

Emil got his bakery visit after all, with his grandpa yesterday. He had what we call a "cheat" weekend, eating dairy and sugary delights.

It was a long day, but pleasant. The sky was grey for the first part, and blue and white in the later afternoon, and always comfortably warm if you weren't in the shade of a tree or building. The garage sale was well attended, the girls didn't need my help but were gracious enough to say they appreciated the company, and although Emil and I left with Dad for a couple hours in the afternoon, we went back with Scott to have supper with them after they'd pulled down the garage door.

This morning I am figuring out where to put the boxful of treasures I brought back. In our home and yard there will be some nice reminders of their mom, Lily, whose husband's parents I remember from when I was a very small girl in Margo, visiting my own grandparents. And whose father was a regular customer back in the day when I worked as a clerk at Jerry's General Store in Kuroki.


The news from Alberta is horrible; my heart goes out to everyone affected by the disastrous flooding. What a reminder of how quickly and drastically everything around you can change.


  1. I hope you guys aren't drowning out there. More rain today.

  2. Love your picture. I don't see many blue herons and especially not one in a tree like that. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. What is the deal with all this rain? What a terrible situation for those out west. Thankfully we are on high ground here. Humid and wet beyond belief. Will the sun ever shine? Belated Happy Birthday to Emil.

    1. Same here, Teresa. High high humidity inside and out, to go with it.
      I'm just in the office shutting down the computer because it's thundering outside. So I guess we're getting more water.

  4. Thanks Carol. That heron sure didn't let me get close, which is too bad. They are notoriously shy.


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