Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bluesy Woozy

Storytellin' men, above.

It's Tuesday afternoon. I've been out talking to the cat in the cage, and to the curious cows and calves, and hoeing, and pulling weeds, and transplanting.

And when I come in for a rest, I often end up here at the desk.
And something made me go looking for something in my old blog, and I found this entry about emotions ... I had forgotten about it.
Forgotten what I learned that day.
Oh, perhaps only consciously forgotten.
But I do need reminding of things I know, quite often.

Well, here it is:


  1. Your story is so touching. I am a crier in a family of mostly non-criers, and I've often wished for my sisters and brothers that they had that release. They of course wish I would take my tears to some dark corner. Families are funny that way. I'll be thinking of this post all day.

    1. I don't like to cry in front of anyone, either, but by myself it comes easy.

  2. Ok, so now I've had my cry for the day..... :)

    1. Yeah. I read a few of those old entries, and it wasn't easy either, even after all these years. But I'm sure glad I wrote this stuff down somewhere because I have forgotten a lot of details that make sweet memories.


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