Thursday, July 31, 2014

A little dab'll do ya

“They say a dab of peanut butter behind your ears will keep mosquitoes from biting,” said Joan, “and the natural p.b., not the stuff with added sugar.”

So yesterday before going out on one of my numerous short (because of the heat) walks, I put a little dab behind each ear. I also slathered my ankles with an essential oil mixture that helps repel those bloodthirsty little bitches.

In spite of the accompanying platoons of dragonflies, I still got a few bites. Sorry, all … there is still no foolproof “natural” guard against mosquitoes.

Later, walking, I remembered the peanut butter and thought “Must remember to wash that off before we go out tonight.”

We had an invitation to join friends for “wing night” at the Hendon pub, and I was looking forward to the outing.

It wasn’t till this morning that I remembered I hadn’t remembered to wash the peanut butter off.

Wonder if anyone happened to notice and think What the hell is that! This woman clearly never scrubs behind her ears!

Broken-stemmed or hidden flowers are brought indoors. These roses, planted in memory of Mom, are in the bathroom.
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  1. Try permethrin spray ( on a set of clothes for outdoors, in my opinion it works as advertised, but requires very careful handling until it dries. I keep a set of treated outdoor work clothes in a plastic bag in the car, so when we are working in the bush (mosquito heaven) we aren't eaten alive. I wear rubber work boots, so my feet, ankles and lower leg are protected from mosquitoes and ticks. This has worked so well for us, that I am setting aside a set of decent looking clothes to treat, for situations when I don't want to look like I just crawled out of the bush... which I usually have, LOL.
    I first learned about this product after I saw extremely expensive hiking clothing that made claims for preventing mosquito bites, then read reviews from customers that raved about how effective the clothing was. The price of the clothing is way out of my league, so I dug further and found the chemical that was used, permethrin.

    Works for us, on the areas covered by treated fabric. And I spray my head net as well, which prevents the little bloodsuckers from landing anywhere near my head.

    We are now wildly popular with dragonflies, and loving it!


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