Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Eyeball Fatigue

Our windows have been wet in these relentless days of rain.

Working for a newspaper, my errors and oversights are often brought to my attention.

I try not to be embarrassed or ashamed, and take note of where to pay closer attention or take more time, but it still chagrins. It irritates. Irks. Dumbfounds, even.

There is some kind of blindness, where I look right at something and don't see it, or see something different. 

Eyeball fatigue. 


The rain has stopped and there is some blue sky. A breather.

"The secret to getting your home in order is moving your arms and legs." (flylady.com)


  1. Holy Cow Kate, that sounds frustrating! The same thing happens to me. I found this http://www.lrcom.com/tips/proofreading_editing.htm, but haven't tried any of the tips yet.

    1. Here's something I didn't know:

      Don't use fluorescent lighting when proofing. The flicker rate is actually slower than standard lighting. Your eyes can't pick up inconsistencies as easily under fluorescent lighting.

    2. I knew there was a word for this: "immaculate correction" from Wanted Words edited by Jane Farrow; then I went to check, just to make sure and here's the base for the created word: the spontaneous act of a computer or other machine fixing itself just as the repair person arrives.

      I still think it works for proofreading, if you leave off everything after "computer"


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