Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Little Update

The office was less of a Grand Central today but there was still plenty going on. People were coming and going, renewing their subscriptions mostly. A wandering reporter from Calgary came in, looking for directions to a wi-fi hookup. I gave him my hideyhole desk and said Have at 'er.

Erin Collins,  a former Nipawin resident, now works for CBC Calgary and filed his story from the Wadena News office.
And over to another desk and computer I went.

As for the fire and the trains. Well!
The fire is out but there is a lot of cleanup and various crews have been out there for many hours with heavy machinery doing it, and they are probably in for another long night.
There is a bit of video posted on the WADENA NEWS webpage and there are some excellent pics online. Some were taken from the air; pretty good ones.

I am a bit freaked out by what could have happened if this had occurred in the middle of a busy town like Wadena, right next to an above-ground bulk fuel tank, with the wind blowing like a bitch.

Relieved that it didn't.
But wondering again about rail safety, for sure. It's not a new issue. That warning bell has been sounded before by them as knows. Accidents are lined up waiting to happen, they said, on our railways; it's just a matter of time, because the railways are in need of repair and it's not being done.


  1. But, we are at war! Harper's Canada.

  2. When I heard about the crash I was hoping you were OK and out of harms way. Take care. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Hi, K,
    I get so discouraged with Harper at the helm. CN's bosses are making mega-bucks but nobody is making them doing the repairs and pay the staff that they need to keep us safe. It appears that even Lac Megantic wasn't bad enough for our government to enforce safety regulations.


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