Monday, March 16, 2015

Moving Snow

Seemingly overnight, there are crows and Canada geese in the area again. There are numerous bare patches in the fields.

At home, Scott got busy moving snow away from the house in hopes of minimizing/avoiding water in the basement, and pushing snow off the yard so the large parking area will dry up sooner.
He starts under the kitchen window.

A shovelful at a time.
And dumps it southwest of the house.
All the way back to the three oaks. Needing to get the tractor this close to the house is one reason we think we can't have a patio out here. I'm starting to think we can, though; just not a large one. 


  1. We could really use that rig that Scott has at our country house!!!!

    I hope his efforts pay off and the basement stays dry!

  2. Me too! I think he set the sump pump up again, as there was "water in the hole" -- but last year the pump and the new weeping tile did the trick, so we should be okay. I say "should" because everything groundwater-related has been so weird here the past seven years or so. Roads washed out, lake levels risen drastically, farmers losing land to water ....

  3. Wow, what a rig. Jealous! I hope it all works out :)


  4. isn't it great to be able to see the brown again?

  5. Yep! The woodticks will be here in full force soon. Dammit. There's always something.


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