Saturday, May 16, 2015

She's Walkin'

I wonder what kind of duck this is. Is it in my book Saskatchewan Birds?
Yep. It's a male bufflehead.

I don't have duck feet, wasn't wearing my rubber boots, and was almost a mile from home, so didn't go down the ditch after this beer can thrown out a window by a waste of skin.

On my walks these days I think of the people who aren't going to drive by me anymore. There are three.

One was a neighbour lady who always gave me a wink and a wave while taking her husband to the field or perhaps delivering him a lunch; she passed away at home, suddenly, just a couple weeks ago.

Another was an area bachelor who drove over this way to check his crops or get into his machinery; he'd occasionally stop for a short exchange of niceties about the weather and joked the first time, by way of introducing himself, "I'd give you a ride home but you probably know better than to ride with a stranger." He died within the past year or so.

And then there was Monte, a friend since our teens and a close neighbour and friend Scott grew up with. He worked on a farm close by, and would quite often stop to jaw and offer me a beer, even though he was on his way from one task to another. He died on my birthday last year; just dropped to the floor one morning and was gone. I get a little verklempt when I remember that we won't have any more of those dusty gravel road conversations.


  1. Well, thank you, just completed our annual community cleanup, beach, shore and roads, I'm flattened from the exercise of it all but well worth it. I know about the fecking beercans and Tim Horton horrors pitched on the beach (probably blown from cars, these cretins don't walk).

    1. In cobbling together the weekly "knickknack" column for the newspaper this week, I wrote about litterers and opined that informing them about possible fines upon being caught might be a useless endeavour since "those who do such things probably can't read anyway." Fortunately I had a day to think about it before the paper went to press and remembered that not all who can't or don't read are imbeciles; illiterate people, for instance, are not imbeciles; and so caught myself and deleted the aforesaid before unintentionally offending in print those who don't deserve it. Oh the beauty and value of having time to think about what we are about to publish! Though I did manage to give the figurative finger to the litterers. Couldn't help myself.

  2. Replies
    1. I'll never know; we rarely get feedback of any sort.

    2. It may change behaviour, though. A lot of people just think nobody notices their crummy actions, and it is news to them that they are bothering someone. I think you have done a public service, and one day's delay is always good when expressing opinions. This is coming from a person whose big mouth has not always timed remarks very well!

    3. It's all too easy not to realize the "side effects" of what we say. Especially when it's in print and too late to delete or rewrite it!


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