Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to Your Regular Programming

We made it home by six o'clock last night so I got my evening to unpack and then have a good night's sleep. I'm fit as a fiddle this morning and perfectly ready to return to work (as opposed to run down and exhausted by arriving at the last possible moment).

The view from the guest room at Joan's when I wake up ... second floor, overlooking Lake Okanagan to the hilly mountainy things on the other side.

Joan's giving my nephew Ben his breakfast. He has a healthy appetite, but at 8 years old weighs only 36 pounds.

My sweet little sisters, Karen and Joan. Joan dropped us off at the airport in Kelowna on Monday in time to catch our one o'clock flight. 


  1. Benny is 8, and he weights 36 lbs! Sheesh , you're gonna have social services after me!!

    1. Whoops! Sorry, Joan. My "auntie's memory" for dates and ages and grades has failed miserably in the past 10 years. (And weren't we never going to call him Benny? lol)(It's nice that we are. You may not remember Uncle Benny, but I hope you do; he was a sweet-natured man, like Grandpa Benson.)


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