Thursday, October 15, 2015

Freedom Now

When the kitchen is spic and span, I like being there.
This week baking bread wasn't on my to-do list ... or okay it was, but I crossed it off. That is the beauty of being the Boss of Me!

My friends are still processing vegetables from their gardens. I am thinking "Good for you; delicious," but am relieved not to be doing the same thing. When I have days off, I want them to really be days OFF — not days where there are a bunch more chores that must be done on top of the usual tasks, as is the way with garden veggies. I guard my free time; I want to be free to make choices in the present, rather than making them in the spring and now having no practical choice but to deal with the result.

So when I've got the dishes done, that's good enough for me. Usually it's enough to inspire me to prepare a favourite recipe or try something new. This week I made omelette muffins one night for supper, following directions found online. That's a recipe I'll keep. Another day I made a tried and true standby, SPANISH BEANS, and a pan of JOHNNYCAKE to go with it, and even some oatmeal squares to satisfy my sweettooth cravings.

Getting the laundry done and tidying up the house and going for a walk or two, and maybe sitting down with a nice cup of tea in the afternoon, make for a perfect day off.  I don't require any more excitement or novelty than that.


  1. Your plans sound like heaven to me Kate! Oh for the unstructured timeline, I see it in the distance, fast approaching.

    1. I seem to do better with some structure, but have to be careful not to overdo it or I'm miserable and exhausted. Always that balance to consider, eh!

  2. Replies
    1. I only work Wed/Thurs/Fri so enjoy most of the week "off," though have to admit, when I'm at work I'm doing the same thing I'd do at home (reading and writing) except for the dishes, cooking, and walking!


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