Monday, October 26, 2015

Not Too Terribly Far Back Machine

Surely can't complain about still having green grass and live foliage on some of the flowers!

Five years ago, we had this:

And HERE'S WHAT I WAS BLOGGING ABOUT on this day in 2010.


  1. The photo send shivers down my spine Kate! It is unusually mild here this year as well. I can't help but feel though, that the piper will be paid later, for this beautiful fall weather.

  2. We must enjoy these "nice" days before the darkness of winter sets in.

    1. I went outside after dark last night to get a bulb of garlic from the car (missed when emptying groceries from cloth bags) to try a new recipe (stir-fried lettuce; alas, didn't like it), and the air was cold, and felt decidedly UNFRIENDLY.


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