Monday, November 9, 2015

Paper Place Etc

I’m sitting in front of my computer that now has a clean space under and around it because I’ve brought in a shelf from the news office and placed it beside me.
Wonderful. Thanks Alison.
At first I didn’t think I'd want it because it isn’t sturdy enough to hold books.
But my mind quickly recalibrated upon recalling how much I also need a place for papers and all the shit that gets piled next to my keyboard: pens, lip balm, stylebook, tarot cards, mail, notepaper, phone and so on.
We brought the shelf home in the back of a truck.

“The feet of it are wrecked and will gouge the floor,” Scott told me.
So we left it in the truck for a week; he could find rubber feet for it, he said.
Yesterday I decided to bring it in with or without rubber feet. We have those floor-protector things; I’d put them under the existing feet.

“If you wouldn’t mind bringing it up to the house next time you come in,” I said. He was going back and forth anyway. “Or don’t. I can get it.” It's light and easy to move. 
Before leaving for town, he got the shelf out of the truck and set it on the gravel. “Where are you going to put it?"
"The office."
"It’s not going to fit.”
“Don’t you worry about that,” I said. “I’ll make it fit.”
I had the perfect place all ready and waiting, so I hiked that thing up on a shoulder and trucked it into the house.

I’m quite lovin’ this shelf already. It’s a huge relief to have all this shit off the desk.


  1. I've got a 3 shelf next to me. It is open and it appears cluttered, but it isn't, it is just stuff we office girls need. Including the tarot cards :)

  2. Looks to be working perfectly in that space. My husband just picked up some furniture a friend was giving away… now all in the basement…but soon I'm going to want the little end tables upstairs. They certainly won't hold much… oh, but I did just buy 2 new books. ;)

    1. You've reminded me that I have two antique half-circle endtables that Scott hid away in a granary years ago and has never dug out for me, in spite of numerous requests. They need refinishing and would be perfect in our living room. Hm. Which granary are they in? Which? Which?

  3. Boy we are twins. I just fixed my desk. It's a door and was resting on bookshelves BUT bookshelves were inaccessible. So I've sorted. Pics to follow.

    Great look in your den, perfect layout.



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