Sunday, November 1, 2015

Plug 'n' Play

"You know how I'm always keeping an eye open for short little videogames you might be able to play," Everett says on Thursday night. We'd been to a café for supper and were about to watch Torchwood and Doctor Who; one episode of each. "I think I found one."

Oh joy. I have yet to try a videogame that holds my attention, though I know they must exist.

"Wanna try it?"

Why not. He calls it up on his laptop and I sit there and click around, trying to figure out what the point of the "game" is. It's the simplest game ever, I'd say, suitable for perhaps a three-year-old, which apparently is the level of my gaming abilities if my son is correct.

It's called Plug n Play; the characters' heads are electrical plugs, and their asses are sockets. 
It's gotta get better, I think to myself, and I've gotta give it a college try. So I plug heads into asses and cords into sockets and so on and so forth. This goes on for five minutes and then Everett's phone rings and it's his dad so they chat while I "play" for another five minutes and then Everett comes and sits down beside me.

For god's sake, when is this going to get fun or even interesting?
My face says it all, doesn't it?

Plug n Play, my ass.


Any time we go to a restaurant, Everett usually has a grilled cheese and fries.
Behind him is the reflection of the restaurant behind me.


  1. What a riot Kate! Disinterest as a lack of ability, well, it just ain't, as you know. Your face does say it all, priceless.

    I play Mahjong solitaire, it is a filler for me, I find it relaxing and mindless.

    1. My aunt is a mahjong player, and so is the gent in my office, but it's a game I've never even seen let alone tried. They seem quite taken with it!

    2. I actually found mahjong towers computer quite entertaining in a solitaire kind of way. I wasted hours of my life playing it a few years ago. I could still go back and enjoy it but there just seems so much more worthwhile and useful things I need to be doing.

    3. That's the crust of the biscuit right there; I'd rather be reading.

  2. Looks well, simplistic. you'd need more challenge. Mahjong is good, matching those tiles.
    Also Spider and three peaks. I found those and am addicted. For many reasons. :)

    1. I'll give Everett those titles. He is determined to find something to make me understand the enjoyment of videogames!

  3. wait till you're really frazzled then let yourself loose on "Mole Mash".

  4. I've been into Candy Crush on FB for awhile. Gone are the days I used to play video games with the kids. I still remember Mario though. ;)


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