Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Better Angels

The term "better angels" has come into my awareness at least three times in the last couple days, including in this blog entry by Regina author Kathleen Wall.

She starts out by writing about a book whose author claims there is far less violence and repression in the world than there ever was, as opposed to the common belief that "The world's gone crazy."

Maybe you'd like to go read her piece? CLICK HERE. Kathleen's blog entries are always meaty and every time I read one, I think, "Oh my, I am such a lightweight." I say this with a little smile and total acceptance of my place on the scale of intellect. Remind me to tell you about my visualized meetings with my "Intellectual Self" someday. They've been few and short, quite matter of fact, but enlightening too. (Note to Self: Remember.)

Late yesterday afternoon I went for the most exquisite walk, stopping several times just to turn completely around and be fully amazed. There was hoarfrost everywhere and my trusty little camera couldn't capture the peace and encompassing lushness of it.

heading down the road

coming back home


  1. I love hoarfrost. It's so magical looking. Wish I had been on that walk with you. Maybe one day.

    1. I've no doubt you'll be stopping in on your way by, one of these years.


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