Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Morning Kiss

This little sweetheart seemed determined to get into the house this morning while Scott and I were having our coffee. Quite the dance, and totally unafraid of us.


We have dozens of these guys in our yard this winter. The bird book says they will be abundant in even-numbered years, and scarce in the odd-numbered ones. I'll be paying attention next winter to see if that's true.


I was awakened today by the delivery of a cup of hot coffee and a kiss — just the way we all are woken up every morning if we are lucky.


  1. What a sweet little bird. Coffee in bed....NICE!!!!

    1. Yes; Scott is about half-trained. He likes his mornings to himself so doesn't like to wake me with a coffee, but if he doesn't I inevitably sleep later than I really want to. If he brings coffee to me, I'll get out of bed, every time. Can't stand the thought of it cooling off and being thrown out.

  2. I also get coffee and a kiss most mornings. Such a good way to wakeup.

  3. Just signed on to your blog. How delightful! Lori


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