Sunday, February 21, 2016

Suzie Was Sizzlin'

"Is it all right," I asked, ever so politely, "if I take a picture while you're singing?"
"Of course!" she said, also politely.
So I found a spot near the back of the room and got my camera ready.
My camera, my sweet little camera "what I luv."
And then I thought, why don't I make a wee video of Suzie singing and playing?
Might as well.
Now, she was playing her bass guitar for a change, for one song, so you won't get the full flavour of her concert this afternoon at Charlene's house.
And you won't get the complete song, because the friggin' camera quit on me just a minute in.
Damn machines.
This is the second time in several days that it's given me this kind of grief: "No more internal memory. Need new memory card," or somesuch thing. Baloney, of course, unless memory cards wear out like recyclable batteries eventually do.

Anyway, here's a taste of Suzie Vinnick's performance today at a farmhouse near Wadena:

Scott examined the camera when we got home and says I didn't have the memory card in correctly.
We shall see. Hope he's right.


  1. Is this something that happens often, a performance at someone's farm house?

    1. Anyone can host a concert at their home; the musicians perform for whatever number of audience members turn up, and are paid whatever the ticket sales are. We have a guy here who organizes them with various hosts; sometimes in a small church, sometimes someone's garage or patio, sometimes a living room. We've had a lot of really fine musicians come out here while they're on tour across the country. Quite often they have bigger gigs on the weekends and are happy to have a smaller function during the week, even if there aren't a lot of people who attend. Hosts generally offer a bed for the night, and a meal, as well as a spot of perform.

    2. I think with your system you hear a lot more musicians than I do in the city. They do come here but it's expensive and inconvenient, not to mention sometimes impersonal, seeing them at a larger venue.

    3. We have lots of opportunities thanks to our friend Don, who brings these musicians out, and to people who are willing to clean up their houses and sell tickets and make a lunch and have company and often an overnight guest or two and so on ... It's a pretty dandy thing but it's not easy to find people willing to host, and it's not easy to get a lot of people to come out as the audience either. We've had house concerts where only two people attended after the performer came all the way out from the city. And these are fabulous artists, every one! But that's the way it is; it's hard to "get bums into seats," as the saying goes.

  2. Here's a thought - you and Karen should practise up and do some house concerts with your beautiful harmonies.... I would totally be jealous but if I were you guys I would!!! Seriously!!!!!

    1. My idea of fun would be what you might call a kitchen party, where EVERYBODY sings songs that EVERYBODY knows. Like in the good old days when that's how people entertained themselves after supper instead of watching TV.

    2. I've tried to get Karen to sing with me in private, and she's tried to get me to sing "in front of others" with her, and we haven't figured out how to meet in the middle. I sure enjoyed the stuff we did with you in Kelowna and wish we could be doing it here. So much fun!


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