Monday, February 29, 2016

There Goes the Wind

Then one evening, I jumped out of my chair.
It was time! Tonight, I'd cut those lengths of parachute cord and tie them in place to make — voila — zen birdsavers!
Out came the scissors and cord, and I began to measure, snip and knot at the kitchen table.
Until Scott said, "What are you doing?" and proceeded to suggest a different and, to his way of thinking, better way.
It would mean I had to prime and paint a couple of boards, and cut the cords a different length because they would be attached via a whole different mechanism than I had visualized.
He wanted to hang the birdsavers two feet from the window, not at all what I was visualizing, and —
And there went the wind out my sails.
I couldn't paint that night, and couldn't continue as I was.
I set the cord aside and it's been there for several weeks.
In the meantime, the birds are still hitting the window once in a while, but it's not as bad as it was.
I hung half-a-dozen scarves from the curtain rod and lined up vases on the window ledge; whatever might catch the attention of a bird in flight and warn it that there is "something" there.

This is only a temporary and poor solution, however. In a certain light and from a certain angle, the bird sees only sky and trees reflected in the window glass. It can't see inside.
The birdsavers must still be made, and soon.
I just have to work up my enthusiasm again.


  1. Kate, how very well I can relate to your doldrums! Sometimes well meant input doesn't work the way people mean it to work. Attila and I do this to each other upon occasion. I hope you experience your burst, and that the wind catches your sails.

    1. It's so good to be understood! and reminds me of times I've done the same to others by trying to "help" or "improve" upon something they were doing, or even just join them. I guess it changes the energy, and not always in the manner that was intended.
      Another way of looking at it is that I was aimed at a certain outcome and was unable to be flexible. That's not always a good thing.

  2. Maybe get one of those plastic garden owl ornaments to set on the window sill or on a post outside to steer them away from the window.

    1. I'll try it. It didn't work when I had raspberry bushes, but maybe right outside the window could be more visible.


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