Thursday, April 21, 2016

Our Kids

I thought he was being a worry wart until I watched the news that night and saw the photos of two men (one originally from this neck of the woods) who have been kidnapped in the Philippines for ransom and are being threatened with gruesome execution if it isn't paid.

Shit! Our kids are travelling in Asia right now.
Stay calm, I told myself. Stay calm, or Scott will not sleep until they land at an airport in Canada.

"Worrying won't change a thing," I tell him, well aware that anxiety does what it wants. Go ahead, try to boss it around. Good luck.

"Your job is just to picture them arriving home safe and sound," I say. "They're in no more danger there than they are here, or in Calgary traffic."



  1. Hope your kids arrive home safe and sound, so that you aren't having to worry anymore.

    "anxiety does what it wants"

    Oh so true!

    1. Except when you have a therapeutic massage; I had one, once, that vanquished anxiety about driving in the city. It was a miracle! but very obvious that it was relaxation that made the difference between fear and confidence.

  2. I've been out of blogland muchly so catching up with you missie.....I do hope your kids are safe too, our minds go to the worst. Love your pics and your walks and your dad is coming and all of it...I just love visiting here.


    1. I'm quite excited about Dad being here for so long. He's finding that hard to believe! Heh heh.
      I think your kind words are just the kind of inspiration I needed to keep me committed to this bloggie thing. Thanks, Madam M.

  3. Happy travels to the kids. Happy and positive thoughts to mom and dad.

  4. Totally empathetic about the kids. I, too, love coming here.


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