Thursday, May 12, 2016

Kaddidly Hop

One of Grandpa Benson's quirks that I have inherited is the occasional desire to do a joyful little kadiddly-hop dance as I make my way across a room.
I remember him doing it sometimes when he was walking to the kitchen at their house in Margo. He was just feeling good, man!
Not his words, but it was clear.
And I catch myself at work on the verge of doing it, and damper myself down, just as I do with my habitual humming and singing so as not to annoy my co-workers.
I'm such a nerdling.

Scott was at the kitchen table when I got up this morning, filling in the farm census form. 

You Comment ... I Reply

Well Kate, in case you didn't know, you matter to me. 

Awwww, thanks, Lorna! I'm pretty darn fond of you too.


Erin on "Oh Honestly Erin": 
 Your words genuinely made me tear up at work -- thank you! I'm really glad that I can make you laugh out loud. And thank you again for including me in this. It means a lot! Thank you for the sweet words! It was an honor to be included in this. Love you! <3 nbsp="" p="">

You have a rightful place on my Top Five list, Erin.


It's easy to see the appeal in her work---in fact, it doesn't read like work; it reads like over the fence. Good choice! 

I've no doubt you'd get as much of a kick out of Erin (and Henry!) as I do.


  1. Red Skelton did this on his TV show. A little hop and a jangle of a cow bell. He'd always try to get the off-camera bell jingler off guard.. I too do it occasionally.

  2. Reminiscent of "Clem Kadiddlehopper", a tv character I used to watch as a kid. Was it Red Skelton or was it one of Gordie Tapp's characters on Country Hoedown? I guess I need to look it up now.


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