Saturday, September 3, 2016

Peaceful Mind

One day I noticed the three small bottles of aromatherapy oils on a shelf above my desk and realized I have not been using them lately. I immediately chose “Peaceful Mind” and applied some drops to my wrists, temples and throat. 

Later while walking down the driveway there was this most sweet pungent aroma and I thought What is that?!, revelling in the scent of some as-yet-unidentified plant  … before realizing it was me with the oils on my skin. What a good laugh I had at myself!

The Peaceful Mind blend: chamomile, cedarwood, lavender, orange, marjoram.

If you're interested in aromatherapy, see LETTER OF COMFORT, my page about it.

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Maggie Turner on "Hello September": 
It was a perfect first day of September here in Ontario too Kate! The humidity was low, and the temperture reached 23C, and felt like it, the sun shone all day... perfect, first nice day of the summer as far as I am concerned. 

23 is a perfect temperature, I have to agree.

What a summer! Enjoy the long weekend. Hope it's nice. 

Coolish today and windy, but I'd rather that than the muggy heat we had yesterday. I like fall weather. I like all weather now that I've finally figured out how to dress for it! Took me long enough. 
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  1. The Peaceful Mind blend...hmm, I could sure use some of that today. Did you make it yourself? I used to dabble in aromatherapy recipes years ago. Although I'm allergic to perfume, essential oils are O.K.

  2. I have had nothing but positive response to aromatherapy, but never think about it when I put drops of vanilla oil on my wrists and neck....maybe I'm being more affected than I thought.

  3. Peace of Mind, I too could use some of that right now!

    LOVE your photo, very peaceful.


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