Thursday, September 22, 2016

This Little Engine Could So

“If only I could find someone who could run a combine,” he said as he went out the door.
What? He doesn’t think I could run a combine? Hmph!
Whenever he’s suggested it, I’ve thought he was joking and have replied, “Are you sure you want to let me loose on your machinery?” because I might not recognize, for instance, that the motor is making a funny noise and should be turned off before it’s wrecked. But then, that would be the case for anyone who hasn’t run a combine in more than 30 years, and then only ran it once or twice, as I recall, to help Dad. 
I didn’t scurry after Scott and say “What about me? I’m available!” because I just got up and hadn’t even had coffee yet. 

Have I mentioned that I gave my notice at the newspaper several weeks ago and am now happily, for the moment anyway, unemployed? Which leaves me free to head out onto our road every day to enjoy sights like this:

Click image to enlarge.


  1. Big sky! I have only driven through the prairies twice. Ontario people told me I would be bored. Are you kidding! I loved it! Beautiful photo of a beautiful place on earth. Thanks Kate.

  2. Phenomenal photo! And congrats on being job free. Must feel like that sky!
    I said I would bring you up to date on my use of ammonia smell to scare away the 'coons. It has mostly worked. Since it had been so damn hot and humid here, I'm wondering if they have just slunk off to our many ravines to get some respite from the heat. They're we let them be.

  3. Nice picture! Most of mine lately have been through the window of the combine. One of the many benefits of life out "in the sticks".

  4. totally overwhelmed by the vista


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