Thursday, July 16, 2009

Construction Zone

The birch laminate flooring that will eventually go into the kitchen, dining room and hallway.


  1. Hey Katie May -- So you're living in a state of disarray right now, huh? Been there. Done that. I'm sure the results will be worth it. All the dust is what made me nutty. Take lots of before and after pictures.

    I just read your comments on my blog -- and thanks so much. Your suggestion about donating the afghan to the palliative care group is a great one. I'll look into it. My dad died almost three years ago and he had Hospice in -- they were wonderful -- and a great comfort. Maybe an afghan donation would bring comfort to someone in need.

    I would love to see pictures of your partially finished quilt. It must be quite special if it was one of the last things you got to do with your mom.

    And, my dog was a rescued dog -- they're the BEST.

    I'm going to add you to the blogs I follow because because we seem to be on the same page and I'd love to see the progress of your kitchen and dining room, as well as others.

    By the way, I was just wondering -- because I'm so new to all of this -- how did you find my blog?

    Thanks again -- Jodi

  2. Exciting! I love wood floors.

    I just told John about you living in Thornton Burgess summer place and he said "Wow! She'll be able to hang out with Sammy Jay, Reddy Fox and the whole gang".

    We loved those books. Wait till I tell David.

  3. Jodi -- your blog was featured in the Blogs of Note section, which is on the dashboard when you're working on your webpage.
    I have been living in disarray for about two years, since our basement (which contains the livingroom and master bedroom) was badly flooded. The house that Scott is renovating is a mile up the road, and I've been more or less camping over there since early June.
    The quilt top can be seen at my old blog, here:

  4. Oh it's so gorgeous! Really, really beautiful!

  5. Maggie, I'm new to the stories of Thornton Burgess and was only able to get one of his books in at the library (thank goodness for the webpage that has published so many of his stories). It was obviously for children, but its morality tales, observations of human nature and animal behaviour, and all-around sweetness, are a godsend if you're an adult who reads to children and doesn't want to be bored to death. Not that there aren't a lot of great children's books out there, but there are a lot that can put an adult to sleep. Oh wait, that's the *purpose* of a bedtime story....

  6. Heh! I mean the purpose is to put a *child* to sleep!

  7. Leanne, Jolene, Karla (cousins mine),
    Have you read any of these stories to your kidlets? The link's up on the right, in my profile...

  8. And whoops, I forgot that Shmerald has a little boy who might like them, too.

  9. And furthermore ... Floor Tales:
    Maggie -- I wanted hardwood floors throughout, but Scott doesn't like the idea of wood in rooms that will have water dripping on the floor or leaking during a plumbing mishap, so we agreed on wood for the living room and bedrooms only. Then we decided to go with something more ecological, and bought cork because it regrows way faster than trees. However, cork is soft and we were advised that the roller chairs in our kitchen table set would soon wreck it. They would also wreck hardwood quickly (that surprised me, but it's what the *experts* said). Laminate was advised for the dining room, as it is apparently tough if you buy decent quality. You're not supposed to get water on it but we got a really good deal after a hell of a lot of shopping around to find one that suited us. Scott has tentative plans to build the dining room out someday, in which case we'd need new flooring anyway and because this was cheap, we won't mind tearing it out.

    And no, I ain't parting with those roller chairs. This is the most comfortable kitchen furniture I have ever sat in. My old wooden chairs, which are beautiful, have me squirming in about five minutes. This other set, which was Mom and Dad's, is like sitting on a marshmallow with a back and armrests, in comparison.

  10. Just checked out your quilt top -- you must pick it up and finish it. It's beautiful.
    -- Jodi

  11. We had hardwood (maple) floors installed in two bedrooms and our upstairs hallway this past December. We were delighted with the way it looked then... and now, after having lived with it for several months, we continue to be delighted with it. Once all of the work is done, I think you will be quite pleased with your new floors.

    (Wandered over to your pages from John Bailey's site.)


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