Saturday, July 11, 2015


Sweltering day ahead.
Still no rain.
Fires continue to burn up north.
Drought conditions over much of the province.

The unknowledgeable eye cannot tell how serious the problem is. If I understand correctly, no moisture means the seed pods don't fill out.

Everett found THREE CHICKS in a nest at work. Have a look at his page.


  1. These fires are clearly disastrous.

  2. I'm guessing you got your rain by now. It poured pretty good here this evening. Reports of up to five inches in one location and radar showed it going North. From one extreme to the other in a day.

    1. Yes! We got a good thunderstorm last night. One crack of lightning was so close and loud outside our bedroom window, I shrieked! Not sure how much rain was in the gauge, as Scott probably emptied it before he left this morning (while I was still snoozing). But it came down pretty good for a while. Glad you got some!


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